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December 7, 2017: Andrew Shriner
Oh my goodness this site was helpful!I found a spring here for a Vic I that I had been looking for, and ordering from the site was so easy! John Nagy has also been helping me get my Victrola back in working condition as I've worked on restoring it, and even sent me an image and instructions to show how I should be rebuilding it.
October 16, 2017: Anonymous
September 29, 2017: Ryan Back (
Very well laid out and informative website. Very well built
May 28, 2017: William Klutts (
Wonderful website. It has already answered many questions. Thanks
April 13, 2017: John Ebensperger (
Thankful to find this website. I received an Edison Standard Model D in a dust cardboard box. I feel strongly the need to bring this back to working order. Unfortunately I'm a complete novice regarding these phonographs. I think I found a good place to start.
January 17, 2017: Anonymous (
My Edison Standard Phonograph hadn't worked for over a year. Finding John on the internet, I arranged to have it fixed. In a very short time, it was repaired, working better than ever. Not only that, but John, using his teaching expertise, showed me how the machine worked, how to perform the proper maintenance, and gave me a general education of antique phonographs. He is truly a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks, John
August 31, 2016: Dean Koster (kosterd@lcom.met)
John has been a tremendous help in restoring my Edisons and Victrolas. His workmanship is beyond comparison. His prices are more than reasonable. He is a great resource for antique phonograph collectors.
July 22, 2016: Dave Kanis (
John repaired my c reproducer and it is perfect. Over the 20 plus years that I have known John he has done excellent work at affordable prices. That is hard to find these days. Thanks John and crew!
July 11, 2016: David Walters (
A couple of weeks ago I was in Oklahoma and purchased a Victor VV-IV for a great price. It appeared to work and looked good. It has had a few issues, however John Nagy has been ultimately helpful in solving my issues and finding 100 year old parts that I needed. He is a great advisor and mentor for someone new to playing with a century old phonograph. Can't say enough good about John. Thanks for all your help.
June 28, 2016: Ray Beaulieu (
It was a pleasure to discover the website. The turnaround time of my two recent orders was very rapid and very well packaged. Of special interest was finding a tone arm and reproducer that could not be located elsewhere. And, it is a perfect fit for my old phonograph. John’s helpful comments are truly appreciated.
June 13, 2016: Joyce E. Frink (
Looking for Diamond Stylus for Edison Reproducer Model C. Do you have such to purchase with or without reproducer?
May 21, 2016: Charles (
Looking for an early AH motor. It is the one with the off-set crank and the on/off switch on the motor board. Thanks!!
April 28, 2016: Gregory Russell (
State of Wisconsin resident
February 28, 2016: Don Harvey (
Great site. Glad I found it.
December 23, 2015: Valeria (
Dear John! We enjoyed the recods you sent to us and your phonograph! Thank you very much! With best regards from Russia!