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 C-108 EDISON Amberola 30
C-108 EDISON Amberola 30

L-192 THE CLOCK BOOK, by Wallace Nutting

Price: $49.50
 L-192 THE CLOCK BOOK, by Wallace Nutting
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L-192 THE CLOCK BOOK, by Wallace Nutting. a description of American and foreign antique clocks, and a list of their makers, profusely illustrated. "Originally published in 1924 and out-of-print for almost fifty years, Modern Books are very proud to re-issue a facsimile reprint of the famous Wallace Nutting book." Facsimile edition, 1975. sold for $15. Today, a collector's item! Hard cover with cover liner, all in near mint condition! ......FOR ALL SHIPPING outside USA: Email [email protected] before ordering for shipping cost.

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