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 P-309f EDISON Amberola Diaphragm
P-309f EDISON Amberola Diaphragm

LH-6021 VICTOR Brass Belt Buckle

Price: $125.00
 LH-6021 VICTOR Brass Belt Buckle
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LH-6021 VICTOR Brass Belt Buckle. 3 1/2 x 2 1/2. Extremely fine sculpted (one can see the hairs on the dog and the word VICTOR on the phonograph). Back side shows an eagle below which is printed "WARRANTED FINEST MINTED BRASS", and in the center is a rectangular impression inside having a shield below which is printed (F)AIRCHILD [which indicates English origin] and the initials FNG followed by a copyright symbol. The hook is soldered-on bent flat brass. It appears to be very old and in extremely fine condition. Could be a "steal" at $125 US dollars plus shipping.

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