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 P-266 VICTOR Record "Hold-Down"
P-266 VICTOR Record "Hold-Down"

N-103 Amberola diamond stylus installed

Price: $125.00
 N-103 Amberola diamond stylus installed
 N-103 Amberola diamond stylus installed
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N-103 New DIAMOND stylus (needle) installed in your cross-bar from any of the Amberola (V, VIII, X, DX, 30, 50, 75, and others such as Fireside Model B) cylinder phonograph models and any of these reproducer models: Diamond A, Diamond B, or Diamond C. PLEASE READ ALL THAT FOLLOWS - - 1. If your needle bar is missing, please add an additional $15 to have one installed. Do this by sending a check with the reproducer. 2. Please add $12.00 for return shipping. Send complete reproducer prepaid to: JOHN NAGY, Antique Phonograph Repairs, 8160 New Liberty Rd., Walcott, IA, 52773 USA. I will disassemble, clean, install new gaskets, and install a new diamond stylus. [See store item S-102 if the CORD LINK between the stylus bar and the diaphragm is BROKEN.] [See store item S-106 if the reproducer cannot be removed from the carriage.] .........FOR ALL SHIPPING outside USA: Email [email protected] before ordering to inquire about the shipping cost.

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