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 P-240d Green Turn up to 10" diameter
P-240d Green Turn up to 10" diameter

S-107x Columbia cylinder Stylus (Needle) replacement

Price: $49.95
 S-107x Columbia cylinder Stylus (Needle) replacement
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S-107x This is a service done to YOUR (large or small) Columbia or Busy Bee aluminum floating reproducer - you have to send us your reproducer to have the work done. For cylinder phonographs. We replace sapphire ball STYLUS (NEEDLE) in your existing** stylus hub or bar; replace mica diaphragm if necessary; clean and reseal (rewax with new gasket) the reproducer. Photo shows the larger reproducer WITH** the stylus hub. This service applies to such floating reproducers, large or small, **with a stylus hub or bar. Cost is $49.95 plus s/h. IF YOUR REPRODUCER DOES NOT HAVE THE STYLUS HUB OR BAR, SEE # S-107a. The reproducer shown in the photo is NOT a part of this sale/service.] Send email to if you have more questions. ......FOR ALL SHIPPING outside USA: Email before ordering to get the shipping cost. - - The thumb screw is available at # R-108-C

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 S-107x Columbia cylinder Stylus (Needle) replacement
I also had the columbia stylus replacement, along with a new ..
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