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January 14, 2019: J Fuller (
Just found this site while "window shopping" for cartridge/stylus and idler wheels. Recently pickup a couple of late 50s phonographs at tag sale and hope to get them operating again. Will be back.
January 13, 2019: Pamela DuBois (
I'm very happy to have found this site. There's so much to learn, and I have a feeling this will be the place to do it. Also, I know I'm going to be needing parts, and I don't like spending all day searching for them, so I'm hoping this will also be the place to get the parts I'm going to need.
January 10, 2019: Larry Herweg (
Very nicely organized site. You have the parts and machines I have been looking for.
January 3, 2019: Gary Lamers (
Very lucky to have found this site, I was loosing all hope in finding parts!
December 16, 2018: Will (
I recently acquired a Concert console phonograph likely the model is from 1923 or 1924. I was pleased to find your website.
August 8, 2018: Jeff P
Own a Victor III phonograph and been looking for some reusable Needles (Stylus) and they have a very good selection. Excellent resource!
May 14, 2018: Romeo Bachand (ROMEOBACHAND@MSN.COM)
Happy to have found your site and comment section and very hopeful that you can restore my Edison phonograph.
March 31, 2018: Anonymous
Amazing site and have queried for some repair parts via contact source direct on site.
March 29, 2018: Anonymous
March 18, 2018: Jay Hansell (
Glad I found this site. My 100 year old Edison Army Navy Diamond Disc needed parts. John is very helpful.
February 5, 2018: Terry Jensen (
The website is helpful and John answers questions accurately and quickly so time and money are not wasted. Thanks for being there.
December 7, 2017: Andrew Shriner
Oh my goodness this site was helpful!I found a spring here for a Vic I that I had been looking for, and ordering from the site was so easy! John Nagy has also been helping me get my Victrola back in working condition as I've worked on restoring it, and even sent me an image and instructions to show how I should be rebuilding it.
October 16, 2017: Anonymous
September 29, 2017: Ryan Back (
Very well laid out and informative website. Very well built
May 28, 2017: William Klutts (
Wonderful website. It has already answered many questions. Thanks
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