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January 14, 2019: J Fuller (
Just found this site while "window shopping" for cartridge/stylus and idler wheels. Recently pickup a couple of late 50s phonographs at tag sale and hope to get them operating again. Will be back.
January 13, 2019: Pamela DuBois (
I'm very happy to have found this site. There's so much to learn, and I have a feeling this will be the place to do it. Also, I know I'm going to be needing parts, and I don't like spending all day searching for them, so I'm hoping this will also be the place to get the parts I'm going to need.
January 10, 2019: Larry Herweg (
Very nicely organized site. You have the parts and machines I have been looking for.
January 3, 2019: Gary Lamers (
Very lucky to have found this site, I was loosing all hope in finding parts!
December 16, 2018: Will (
I recently acquired a Concert console phonograph likely the model is from 1923 or 1924. I was pleased to find your website.
August 8, 2018: Jeff P
Own a Victor III phonograph and been looking for some reusable Needles (Stylus) and they have a very good selection. Excellent resource!
May 14, 2018: Romeo Bachand (ROMEOBACHAND@MSN.COM)
Happy to have found your site and comment section and very hopeful that you can restore my Edison phonograph.
March 31, 2018: Anonymous
Amazing site and have queried for some repair parts via contact source direct on site.
March 29, 2018: Anonymous
March 18, 2018: Jay Hansell (
Glad I found this site. My 100 year old Edison Army Navy Diamond Disc needed parts. John is very helpful.
February 5, 2018: Terry Jensen (
The website is helpful and John answers questions accurately and quickly so time and money are not wasted. Thanks for being there.
December 7, 2017: Andrew Shriner
Oh my goodness this site was helpful!I found a spring here for a Vic I that I had been looking for, and ordering from the site was so easy! John Nagy has also been helping me get my Victrola back in working condition as I've worked on restoring it, and even sent me an image and instructions to show how I should be rebuilding it.
October 16, 2017: Anonymous
September 29, 2017: Ryan Back (
Very well laid out and informative website. Very well built
May 28, 2017: William Klutts (
Wonderful website. It has already answered many questions. Thanks
April 13, 2017: John Ebensperger (
Thankful to find this website. I received an Edison Standard Model D in a dust cardboard box. I feel strongly the need to bring this back to working order. Unfortunately I'm a complete novice regarding these phonographs. I think I found a good place to start.
January 17, 2017: Anonymous (
My Edison Standard Phonograph hadn't worked for over a year. Finding John on the internet, I arranged to have it fixed. In a very short time, it was repaired, working better than ever. Not only that, but John, using his teaching expertise, showed me how the machine worked, how to perform the proper maintenance, and gave me a general education of antique phonographs. He is truly a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks, John
August 31, 2016: Dean Koster (kosterd@lcom.met)
John has been a tremendous help in restoring my Edisons and Victrolas. His workmanship is beyond comparison. His prices are more than reasonable. He is a great resource for antique phonograph collectors.
July 22, 2016: Dave Kanis (
John repaired my c reproducer and it is perfect. Over the 20 plus years that I have known John he has done excellent work at affordable prices. That is hard to find these days. Thanks John and crew!
July 11, 2016: David Walters (
A couple of weeks ago I was in Oklahoma and purchased a Victor VV-IV for a great price. It appeared to work and looked good. It has had a few issues, however John Nagy has been ultimately helpful in solving my issues and finding 100 year old parts that I needed. He is a great advisor and mentor for someone new to playing with a century old phonograph. Can't say enough good about John. Thanks for all your help.
June 28, 2016: Ray Beaulieu (
It was a pleasure to discover the website. The turnaround time of my two recent orders was very rapid and very well packaged. Of special interest was finding a tone arm and reproducer that could not be located elsewhere. And, it is a perfect fit for my old phonograph. John’s helpful comments are truly appreciated.
June 13, 2016: Joyce E. Frink (
Looking for Diamond Stylus for Edison Reproducer Model C. Do you have such to purchase with or without reproducer?
May 21, 2016: Charles (
Looking for an early AH motor. It is the one with the off-set crank and the on/off switch on the motor board. Thanks!!
April 28, 2016: Gregory Russell (
State of Wisconsin resident
February 28, 2016: Don Harvey (
Great site. Glad I found it.
December 23, 2015: Valeria (
Dear John! We enjoyed the recods you sent to us and your phonograph! Thank you very much! With best regards from Russia!
September 10, 2015: Linda Justice (
Looking forward to doing business with this company. Reading other remarks on the guest book tells me that a great place to help you.
September 2, 2015: Patrick Gallimore (
Hi ,John You did a wonderful job on fixing my Edison N reproducer. Im sure we will be doing business again the level of your work is superb. Thank You
August 31, 2015: Mark Perullo (
Not only did John fix my concert reproducer, he fixed it over the phone without any charge!! He could easily have had me mail it in and I would have been happy to pay the bill, but he knew I could fix it on my own and took the time to tell me how. That is a level of customer service and honesty you rarely see these days. Thank You so Much John !!
August 23, 2015: Bill Nichols (
In late July I took my Edison Amberol 30 to John to be repaired. He did a masterful job! When I took it over it was not playing. Now after John's work on it, it is playing better than ever before. Thanks, John!!!
August 9, 2015: Gary Adolph (
Being a new Brunswick Phonograph owner I am excited about the possibilities here.
May 2, 2015: Andrew Taylor (
A fantastic one stop site for phonograph needs :)
January 2, 2015: Midge Wall (
Love the site! Great resource for restoration experts like myself! Excellent variety of parts.
December 23, 2014: Valeria (
Dear John! We send you the warmest greeting from Siberia! Thank you for your phonograph!
December 13, 2014: Lucy C. (
very helpful and educational site, helped me gain more knowledge about my phonograph player.
September 25, 2014: Anonymous
Great site, full of interesting items & at very reasonable prices
June 18, 2014: Sharon
So very helpful with prompt answer to my question!
May 26, 2014: Anonymous (
i enjoyed looking at your items and i think this the place to do business
January 24, 2014: Barbara Smith (
Ordered a speaker grill and it is great..a perfect fit. Looks even better than the picture. Service was wonderful..I ordered it on a Sunday and received it on Thursday. I got daily updates on my shipment. I highly recommend ordering from this store.
December 26, 2013: Valeria (
Dear John! We enjoy of your phonograph sound! Whishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
December 10, 2013: Bill
Very interesting site. I just bought a W&M C33. I now have to decide what to do with it. I am sure your store will be a great help as time goes by and I go slowly insane.
September 5, 2013: Ray
Excellent site for anything to do with talking machines, especially parts!
September 1, 2013: Randy Knight (
Looks like everything you could possibly need for your phonograph is here. Great site!
August 26, 2013: Dave
an excellent site for phono buffs
August 26, 2013: MartyRowe
John is the best!! He talked me through the repair of my C150 phonograph over the past few weeks. When I thought I needed parts, John told me what to look for and how to repair it with what I had. A great site!
August 20, 2013: Dave Kanis (
John has been repairing my antique phonographs on and off for 15 years. His work is very thorough and complete. No detail is overlooked. He is honest and his prices are reasonable. I would not go to another repairman. Thank you John !!!
August 19, 2013: Anonymous
It looks like I found a place that has hard to find Edison parts. I have both an A-100 and a C-150.
July 25, 2013: Anonymous (
Boy, am I glad I found your site. I hope this is just what I need to restore my Edison Disc Phonograph, Model C150
April 30, 2013: Angie (
I have an early 1900's McLagan Phonograph. The tonearm is seperated from the housing. I need parts to reassemble. Do you carry these parts and the bearings?
February 23, 2013: Peggy Ford (
December 20, 2012: Valeria (
Dear John! Your phonograph is OK! All of us enjoy it! Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!
December 7, 2012: Forrestr (
have a few turntables just got my first crank ! not a noteworthy machine , OUTING talking machine, in new condition. she is beautiful and works great. so little work for so much back welcome.
December 4, 2012: Anonymous (
I need a 2 min recorder kit
September 13, 2012: Bob Crawford (
It was good to find Phonographs.Org . I am inquireing for to purchase a diamond in a bar to suit a Edison Diamond B 4 min reproducer . Bob Crawford . Australia .
September 12, 2012: Nikolay (
Very nice site, I can find whatever I like for my phonograph here. Thank you for this site!!!
May 27, 2012: Stephen Sutton (
great site, just placed my first order, look forward to visiting often. We have opened a small but growing phonograph museum /demonstration room in VT, for anything 1880 to 1970! Donations of 'spare' bits and pieces, of any kind, welcomed! Also radio and TV
May 3, 2012: Anonymous (
How much is a Edison phonograph worth from 1905 with original horn and good condition?
March 29, 2012: Alan Meyer (
Great website. I have just recently within the last two years started collecting phonographs. I currently have three and will be picking up a vvx1 in a few days. Glad to know there are still people out there so passionate about these machines. Thanks
January 1, 2012: Sandy (
( I am searching for information on a phonograph supposedly supplied by a mail order company called D.T. Bohon who put their name on a phonograph and called it perfectone around the early 1900's...if you or any one else has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate them. My father-in-law has one in perfect condition with needles and records and it plays well it's beautiful and for sale make offer..
November 6, 2011: Peter Oljelund (
The needles I bought from you are so fantastic. I am so happy finding your knowledge and this wonderful store.
November 4, 2011: Anonymous (
You are in luck, Bev. The diamond stylus is still available. The reproducer needs to be sent it to have it installed. You can read about it here:
November 1, 2011: Bev
Found your site while searching for an Edison Diamond Tip needle , I have my Grandfathers old Edison and records but my childrem seem to have replaced the needle with a steel one, ARGHHH. Any needles left to be found?
September 20, 2011: Rina (
Dear John, Tomsk University is my alma mater. Now I am living in Tel Aviv and yesterday I have visited University Physical Museum and listen Edison phonograph first time in my life. Thank you for your donation!!!!
September 8, 2011: Seymour Levitt (SEYLEVITT@JUNO.COM)
I need a wind up main spring for a RCA X1 GRAFANOLA FLOOR MODEL
August 29, 2011: Peter (
the service here is absolutely superb!
July 8, 2011: Austin (
Great Costumer service! I can't wait to get my Modernola victrola working again! Thanks John!
July 3, 2011: Valeria,Siberia (
Dear John! Our phonograph is speaking!Thank you ! It is the first phonograph in Siberia, Russia!
June 6, 2011: Nancy Swartos (
The records I ordered were in beautiful shape. I am happy to find a place to build my collection. I am trying to recreate my great-grandmother's collection. Anything the Metropolitan Quartet sang I really liked.
June 2, 2011: Truman (
I sent a contact letter to you. I me with my problems.hope you can assist
May 29, 2011: J.D. Castillo (
I am a young rapper and laddie from Chili (South America), and I maintain a private collection of disc records with early Jass Band pieces. In addition, I am looking for a Victor horn, tonearm and support to fit my talking machine. Please, feel free to write to mi e-mail address. Thanks.
May 29, 2011: Anonymous
I found a reference to your site on a old website. I have been a collector for a few years and I think your site is wonderful. I wished I would have found it earlier.
May 24, 2011: Valeria,Siberia (
We are very happy to have deal with you!Our museum receive so wonderful gift from you! Be happy, John!
May 3, 2011: Richard Manion (
i like your offerings, you may be able to help with the parts i need. thanks. good web page!
April 29, 2011: Kelly
Thanks for the needles. Can't wait to hear my "new" 1920 Silvertone.
March 27, 2011: Rob P.
I've greatly enjoyed doing business with you in the past(56-inch brass horn) and look forward to more dealings in the near future. Keep up the TERRIFIC work John!
March 18, 2011: Ken (
I really love the Columbia BF Graphophone I purchased from you in February. It looks and runs great! Amazing that it can play almost eight 2-minute cylinder records on one winding of the 4-spring motor. Thanks John!
December 17, 2010: Sandy (
I am searching for information on a phonograph supposedly supplied by a mail order company called D.T. Bohon who put their name on a phonograph and called it perfectone around the early 1900's...if you or any one else has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate them. My father-in-law has one in perfect condition with needles and records and it plays well it beautiful..
December 10, 2010: JOHN (
Happy Holidays to all, and Peace on Earth!
November 4, 2010: Jason (
I have been restoring a Victrola 4-40 Orthophonic, and the soundbox I purchased from this site was the key piece that brought the entire project to life! Perfect! Arrived in record time and works beautifully! Thanks ;)
October 30, 2010: Claudia (
I have a 1958 Model 637 Columbia Record Player Console for Sale. It is real good shape. Has the the attachement for playing 45's.
October 20, 2010: Manuel A. Perez (
looking to purchase model d. maroon gem
October 19, 2010: Mary M.
Thanks for making my grandparents' phonograph come to life again. Now my kids can appreciate it!
September 20, 2010: Steve Hormann (
New to this hobby. Just going to add it to the antique radios, record collecting and audiophile stuff. Thanks for your site
September 20, 2010: James (
You have a very interesting web site for collectors of gramophones.
August 11, 2010: Arul Rajah (
my reproducer gasket is faulty. Does anyone have it? I also want to purchase a reproducer - same type. My gramophone pix are in : [link removed]
June 30, 2010: Fudger (
looking for information and value of a Vincennes Veraphonic Model 110 Phonograph. thanks in advance
June 9, 2010: Michael Metcalfe (
May 8, 2010: Simon Laszlo (
help, please! i am looking for a 35 mm spring for pathe. do you know a maker or seller?
April 25, 2010: Brad (
John is a gem. Usually has what I need. I am looking for a Victor Junior Reproducer-old or new. Please help!
April 20, 2010: Kym Greenfield (
i have a fireside model a gramaphone i need a model k reproducer .i live in melb australia ...where can i purchase one and aprox what would the cost be
April 12, 2010: Jim (
My son uncovered a Magnavox Console, model 1BP292. On the Radio face it say's "Micromatic" and the needle arm is black with gold end. Were tring to find the year of mfg. and possable value. Everything works great and the sound is the best I have ever heard. the console is a little nicked up but still looks great. Any info would be a big help.
February 28, 2010: Anonymous (
Hi, Anyone know of a treatment I can buy to restore the black oxide of a no. 2 victor reproducer? I have one that most of the black oxide is gone exposing the brass.
February 24, 2010: Rick Grelle
Love your site! and enjoy looking through it very often Thank You so much for providing the enjoyment your site provides !!!!!!! Rick
February 3, 2010: Luis Sands (
I have a horn Victor phonograph.
November 16, 2009: John (
First time dealing with John and It will Not be the Last he is the best at what he does. he also will stay in touch with you through your repair. he also has very reasonable rates for his repairs and gets the repair done in a fast and timely manner.John keep up the good work
September 13, 2009: Frank Wicks (
I am looking for a crane for a Edison phonograph model c home, can anyone help me?
August 9, 2009: Steve Freeman (
Nice site! Finally after 30 years collecting phonos I found a Berliner Trademark machine I could afford. Your needle tin will look great with the machine. Thanks!
July 28, 2009: Lou (
where can I buy some needles for my old brunswick player. I only have a few left.
June 16, 2009: Janet (
We have a 60 yr old console stereo, radio, phongraph. Magnavox model#1rp637. (117v, 35w) we are looking for a phonograph needle unit with 3 wire prongs model # 275. Is there somewhere I can find one of these? Thanks.
June 3, 2009: Teri (
I'm settling my father's estate and will be putting an Edison Standard phonograph in the auction. It's Model D and the serial number is 673593, combination type. It has two horns with it and 44 cylinders. I remember my dad playing it not long ago so I'm pretty sure it still works and is in very good condition. I've been told to put a reserve on it but I don't have any idea what it's worth. Can someone please help me? Thank you.
May 14, 2009: Matt (
very well organized website, helpful & informative, this website poses a very friendly atmosphere. a good sample for others.
March 20, 2009: JOHN (
Wanted: Zonophone (OXFORD) petal horn.
March 20, 2009: Anuar Torres (
hello i am looking for the spring mech. for a playerola type-50-cany info helpful thank you
March 14, 2009: Kim Milliner (
need victor orthophonic soundbox repair parts & how to info
March 14, 2009: Brian (
I live in Waterloo, IA. What is the address of your store, in what town? I might come some time.
March 4, 2009: Bob Ault (
I'm glad I found you. I'm in west-central Missouri, a town named Blackwater and I'll try to check out further developments on your website. Thanks!
March 2, 2009: John (
The CAMERAPHONE is now listed in my website as item D-113. Go to the "store" here to see it.
February 8, 2009: Russ (
I am looking for two washers that are at the base of the handle for an Edison Model D standard phonograph. I an also looking for an original crane for the same phonograph and large morning glory type horn.
January 24, 2009: Barry (
I have a recently purchased Edison Standard. I bought a replacement witches cap horn and have replaced the belt. My problem is, when the needle is lowered onto the cylinder (with horn attached), this causes the machine to stop (obviously the horn is a little too heavy). It is the correct 14" horn and I'm unsure why this is happening. I also wonder if there should be some sort of gasket to hold the horn in place, since it fits loosely, Any advice would be appreciated.
January 19, 2009: Sun (
I bought a micromatic record player with am/fm radio console. made in England at a garage sale. Now the record player is not working because when I move, someone try to steal it, and couldn't get it removed from the console, now I want to fix it, how should I fix it?
January 19, 2009: C. Walsh (
My mother-in-law is interested in selling an Edison Fireside combination type phonograph. Model A, serial no. 1340 with a Cygnet No. 10 horn. She also has 5 ot 6 records including #35, Rocked in the cradel of the deep and #9091, Spcial A, The four Jacks March. Is anyone interested?
January 11, 2009: William Henthorn (
Wanted: Information on 11 section horn with label T T Co next to the crane lug. It looks like the Edison Morning Glory, but has roses instead of morning glory flowers painted on the inside. Thank you.
December 5, 2008: William (
Wanted edison D Home mandrel and shaft in good condition Please email me if you have one for sale
November 6, 2008: Howdy (
Just acquired an Edison Fireside Model A. Has the Model K reproducer, but no needle. What do I need to get in order to play my cylinders? Also, need the crane- Where can I get the piece(s)? Your replies are greatly appreciated!
November 1, 2008: RICK (RSHARK43@AOL.COM)
August 24, 2008: VTLA Mark (
Looking for a VV-230 in Walnut anyone got one they would like to sell?
August 24, 2008: VTLA Mark (
Hello everyone! I have a beautful restored Edison Fireside A for sale with a combination K reproduces for sale. $750.00 plus shipping
August 24, 2008: VTLA Mark (
Hello Again, I also have an Extreamly Rare VV-XVI in Flemish Oak for sale, This is truly a collector's machine see photos at Thanks VTLA Mark
August 24, 2008: VTLA Mark (
Hello All you phono freaks, I have a MINT Columbia AH early version for sale this phono came out of the Bob Sitter Collection and It's Mint. see photos at Thanks VTLA Mark
August 18, 2008: Paul (
Hi , please can anyone tell me where I can obtain a new 38mm replacement mica diaphragm for a cylinder phongraph floating reproducer ? Also required is the small metal dome and a two-minute glass stylus for the same. Any help much appreciated !!
July 13, 2008: Bob (
I need a Victor II name tag. Any help appreciated. Also hae an "L" Door cabinet for sale. It is rough. Good for some cabinet parts. No hardware.
July 5, 2008: Billy (
looking for a signet horn and or parts that can be repaired any help is Greatly Appreciated Thank You & God Bless
July 4, 2008: Jim Parks (
This is the first time that I have seen this web site it looks interesting I have some trading material. I am looking for a Columbia Grand.
July 3, 2008: Anonymous (
looking for a copy of the edison cylinder phonograpg companion new or used
June 30, 2008: Catherine (
I inherited an Edison Disc Phonograph, 1 C, 2209. Also some records. I would like to know more about it and a value. It works great.
June 25, 2008: Mark (
Hello anyone out there that has a Columbia AH motor that they want to sell? I am needing one..
June 25, 2008: Mark (
I have loads of differant phonograph's and records for sale..let me know your want's and needs. Thank's VTLA Mark
June 23, 2008: Colin (
Hello. I have a Victrola VV215 (that works) and is in great shape with approx 100 records (Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, etc). Any idea on what I could sell this for? Thank you!
June 20, 2008: Daniel M. Tokar (
June 10, 2008: Anonymous
I have what appears to be an Edison Disc Phonograph in mint condition with roughly 25 78 Edison Albums. There is a #18 on a label inside it. Can you help me understand it's worth?
May 17, 2008: Gene Gogal (
need a cygnet repro wooden horn???
April 24, 2008: Neill Otto (
Fantastic repair job on my(original) EDISON DD reproducer, Sounds and looks like new!! thanks for going the extra mile!! job well done A+++. Very reliable and dependable!
April 14, 2008: Neill (
January 31, 2008: Martin Brown (
I have just had left to me a Edison fireside phonograph conbination type model A with approx 100 cylinders.What is this worth and where can I obtain a drive belt.
December 25, 2007: Carl And Kellie DeMaio (
Happy Holidays John and Karen.
November 8, 2007: Wynda (
dose any one know where i can get an old phonograph restored its about 100 years old
September 9, 2007: Rick (
I need info about a Pathe, model XXI phonogragh. THANKS
August 17, 2007: John
WANTED: ANY information about Will Thorpe and his Orchestra, especially recordings by this group.
August 7, 2007: Sally Kraus (
I liked your site.
July 24, 2007: Mark Amos (
Hello Just found this site and I see there are people in need of Help with their questions on phonographs If you have a need or have some Victors,Edisons or Columbias you need help on or want to sell drop me a line.Mark Specializing Victors & Edisons
July 2, 2007: TERI GOINGS (
June 26, 2007: John (
WANTED: Horn and elbow for a VICTOR I (one) phonograph. Horn should be black with brass bell.
June 11, 2007: Anonymous
Your site is very useful.
May 21, 2007: Onyeigbo Nwaite (
i love this page
May 20, 2007: Ramon Cepero (
Best site there is.You can find anything.Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
May 19, 2007: John (
"Will Thorpe and his Orchestra" played during the big band era in the Iowa/Illinois area and they made some recordings as well. If you have any records or articles by this group, I would like to hear from you. Will Thorpe was a distant relative on my wife's side. So, any information would be welcome. Thank you!
May 18, 2007: Toad (
I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUv this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 16, 2007: Nick Palmer (
I have inherited an Edison Standard Phonograph and cylinders. We know it used to play but suspect the needle is worn out. I am not an expert. Are we able to buy replacement needles and refit them or is it more complicated than that? If replacement needles are available where can we buy them please?
May 16, 2007: Mike Morton (
Recently my dad died and my mother and I are trying to liquidate some of their antiques, she has a Edison Fireside Phonograph Model A and I need to come up with a value and maybe some places to sell it. Can anyone give me some sites or information on where to look for a value of the unit and locations to list for sale. I appreciate any information. Thank you in advance.
April 28, 2007: Elliot Reichbach (
I just received a linear length of belting material to replace the belt on my Edison Standard Model D. Can some one tell me the best way to close a loop made from the correct size belting. Cement type? Technique? etc. Thanks
April 28, 2007: John Nagy (
Does anyone have any information and/or recordings by the "Will Thorpe and his Orchestra". I would like to hear from you. My sincere thanks.
April 25, 2007: Sally Kraus (
Cool site
April 16, 2007: Mark Kendle (
does anyone know a place i can get my I have the Edison Phonograph model C-19 which is a continuation of the model C-250 serviced in Mississippi?
April 6, 2007: Giblues (
i am antique dumb so pardon me ..... i have found what appears to be a edison phonograph model a with the most recent date on the tag oct 1905 is says combination on it als o and has two of the large bell attachements.. i have no use for it nor know its value ...if someone could direct me to a place or persons interested in purchase i would be indebited to you .. thank you
April 5, 2007: Gary Hardeman (
I am looking for info on an Edison-Bell Cabinet Phonograph/Gramophone. Has a tag on it: EB 327. thank You for your help!
March 29, 2007: Ron Robinson (
I need information on a Columbia Grafonola floor model with both a phonograph and disk music box in the same cabinet. Cabinet is about 4' to 4.5' tall with carved lion's heads at the top corners. Any help much appreciated! TIA Ron
March 27, 2007: H.Gokhan Gultek (
whenever i buy an item from you, i always receive the perfect one. you respond every question. thank you very much.
February 19, 2007: Anonymous
Need needle/cartridge for Marantz TT-155 phono
February 19, 2007: John At (
There are several outlets for phonograph needles and cartridges. Here is one such outlet:
February 9, 2007: S.J.Fleming (
Trying to find RCA Cartridge #115277 and needle to use on RCA Model SS3000- electric 4-speed turntable.
January 26, 2007: H.Gokhan Gultek (
Great site, great seller. They responded every question I asked. They have a very fast shipping service. And the greatest is they are very generous. Thank you very much.
January 13, 2007: Charles Miller (
Great site... an embarrassment of riches! Here I am, running out of what I used to think was in inexhaustible supply of iron needles for my beautiful XI Victrola, and I stumble into this wonderful place. Thank you so much.
October 16, 2006: Anonymous
just cruising for good stuff!!!!!
October 10, 2006: Carlos (
hello. I need the horn of the victrola xvI. thank you
October 7, 2006: Richard Adams (
First time web site looker. Found it most interesting. To bad about your message board. I probably could have used it toward finding parts for my Standard Talking Machine, Model A. I E-mailed you about this matter. Thanks, R.A. Adams.
September 30, 2006: Ray Blain
I live in the UK and have 2 Edison phonographs. For some time both have needed some serious attention to their Type C reproducers. I couldn't find anyone here to undertake the work at a reasonable price. And then I found John! I airmailed them to him and they were very quickly overhauled and new sapphires fitted an I can now play my cylinders LOUD & CLEAR! The coms were excellent and the price most reasonable. Many, many thanks John for a superb job.
September 23, 2006: Daniel Contreras (
u have no idea how long and hard i have been looking for the hallmark santa record ornament player!!!!! My wife is gonna be very happy!! Thanx!!
September 21, 2006: Roy Spurgin (
I have a columbia grafonola type h-2. Will the P-209 EMPIRE tone arm you have for 90.00 dollars play my 78's? I have everything except a tone arm, yours has a 3 1/2 in. base, arm, repoducer. WILL it work on my columbia? thank you roy cell 469 358 1356
August 31, 2006: Ray Blain (
I have 2 edison phonographs with type C reproducers and both of which require new stylii. Any suggestions?
July 16, 2006: Anonymous
My husband and I visited Tom's Museum years ago. We can't remember what town this was in. Sad to see it no longer exists. Could you refresh our memory about the town? Thanks.
May 7, 2006: Don Gfell (
Congratulations on a fantastic site!
March 28, 2006: Francois Esson (Paris)
At last, a few comments on John Nagy. I've been in touch with john and regularly buying various Edison parts from him for more than 1 year now, always with great satisfaction. I started out my Edison Collection with a Fireside He sold me for a nice reasonable price. Excellent contact and a very agreable and dedicated fellow. Thx again for everything john :-)
February 24, 2006: Tommy (
Hello! We have in our possession an Victor cabnet style, Victrola vv215 in excellent condition with at least 50 records also in excellent condition, we were wondering what this might be worth!
February 21, 2006: Jeff (
hello...Im looking to sell a 1908 edison fireside phonograph w/73 cylinders if intrested contact me...thanks
January 28, 2006: De (
Hello: I'm looking for a gear cover for an Edison Fireside cylinder machine. It is the black metal cover that goes over the gearing attached to the mandrel (a square shape with black paint and gold stripes typical of Edison). If you have an original or reproduction, please let me know and give me a price quote. Thank You D
January 26, 2006: Glen Kirchoffer (
looking for columbia grafonolas needle cups (4)
January 13, 2006: Garrett Ramos (
Victrolas, Grafonolas, Diamond Disc(1), Edison Cylinder for ?'s & comments
January 13, 2006: William Crescenzo
I've purchased a number of items and have been very pleased with them, as well as the great service ! The motorboard fit perfectly& finished nicely - THANKS
January 7, 2006: Jim Koll (
Owner of 1968 Zenith Console Stereo.
January 2, 2006: Cliff Hubbard (
Collector of Edison,Victor,Columbia, plus other since 1987
November 28, 2005: Diego Castillo (
I am extremely interested in early 78 records and you have them available?
November 6, 2005: Zach Attack (
I build 50's to 70's style record players using Alfred P. Morgans books on electronics as a hobby outside the military.
October 29, 2005: Nancy Clarke (
I have a square wooden box containing a record player with detachable handle and it contains a label inside which reads: Outing - "One Handle Handles It" - Talking Machine Company Inc., Mt. Kisco, NY. Can you tell me about it? Thanks for any info.
September 30, 2005: Charles Bazalgette (
Incredibly patient, friendly and helpful replies to my questions on how to repair an orthophonic reproducer. I can't thank John enough. And I haven't even bought anything - yet. A brilliant site and great service - a real example!
September 20, 2005: Mike Beamish (
Found and supplied to me promptly a most elusive spare part for my edison fireside - thank you - your service is much recommended - thank you
September 14, 2005: Harold (
I'm new to the phonograph having just aquired a Victrola V V-S-215 and thrilled to find a site with so much to offer. Thanks!
July 21, 2005: Brian Walter
Best value reproducer work anywhere! Always looking for Autophones.
July 18, 2005: Anonymous
It was like discovering "GOLD" when I found! John Nagy has been so helpful in answering all of my questions, as well as providing excellent sales and service. I rely on John for all repairs on my phonograph reproducers. Great prices too!
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