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C-138 Edison Amberola A-X

Price: $495.00
 C-138 Edison Amberola A-X
 C-138 Edison Amberola A-X
 C-138 Edison Amberola A-X
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C-138 Edison Amberola A-X. This is the Amberola X, first version - hence the "A". It plays 4-minute cylinders. The sound reproduction is excellent. The motor is very good running and the spring plays through a cylinder with much power to spare. The front grille is a reproduction as is the crank. To wind the motor, this model requires the crank to be pushed inward toward the motor to engage the winding gears, then pulled out to disconnect the gearing. Otherwise the crank rotates backwards when a record is played. There is no top front grille. The case is in very good refinished condition. I'm not sure if this is typical of the Model X, but with a cylinder in place the reproducer carriage must be lifted to clear the record when moving it left or right. NO SHIPPING : PICK UP FROM HERE ONLY. If shipping is requested, then 20% of the asking price will be added for s/h and the sale made with a PayPal invoice that I will send you. Please inquire to have this done if you wish to make the purchase. USA only!

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