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R-157a Edison Standard Speaker

Price: $800.00
 R-157a Edison Standard Speaker
 R-157a Edison Standard Speaker
 R-157a Edison Standard Speaker
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R-157a Edison Standard Speaker (extremely rare reproducer and matching recorder). Introduced in 1889, serial # NL 10870, is the only Edison combination recorder-speaker known. Both styli are perfect. Completely original and has never been overhauled or disassembled, even the linkage has come loose from the diaphragm, but is there. The swivel joints are a bit stiff [we get that way too with age!] and the upper side of the rim has been "cut" for some reason (100 years ago most likely) to allow for adjustments in the carrier arm. An extra recorder (see R-157b) is a match to this reproducer but is NOT PART OF THIS SALE. Some TLC will restore this "speaker" to its original glory. More information can be found in guides, manuals and reference books about Edison cylinder phonographs, reproducers and recorders. More photos are available by email upon request. ........FOR ALL SHIPPING outside USA: Email [email protected] before ordering for shipping cost.

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