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 D-144 Victor VICTROLA Style VV-210
D-144 Victor VICTROLA Style VV-210

S-101d New DIAMOND STYLUS for DANCE Reproducer

Price: $135.00
 S-101d New DIAMOND STYLUS for DANCE Reproducer
 S-101d New DIAMOND STYLUS for DANCE Reproducer
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S-101d New DIAMOND STYLUS (needle) installed in your crossbar of the Edison EDISONIC or DANCE Diamond Disc Reproducer. {This is the reproducer that has the extra heavy weight and has the stylus cross bar supported with a hidden spring and loop above the stylus. SEE PHOTOS.} Please note: This service in NOT available if the needle bar (called a cross bar) is missing. If the cross bar IS present, then for this service use the printable order form found under INFORMATION. Send the complete reproducer (or just the cross bar) and enclose payment (USD $146.00 - [includes $11 return shipping]) to: JOHN NAGY, Antique Phonograph Repairs, 8160 New Liberty Rd., Walcott, IA, 52773 USA. You will receive the restored reproducer with the new diamond stylus and new gaskets (or the refurbished cross bar) in less than two weeks. - - - Please note that if the linkage between the diaphragm and the crossbar is broken, this is the time to get that replaced on your existing good diaphragm with an ORIGINAL linkage. Add $21.50 to the total cost if this is also needed. (See S-102 if only the linkage needs to be replaced.) ......FOR ALL SHIPPING outside USA: Email [email protected] before ordering for shipping cost.

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