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P-229-D Phonograph Grille

S-106 Reproducer stuck in carriage?

Price: $25.95

When the reproducer is stuck in the carriage and cannot be removed (due to pot metal swelling), it is best to NOT try to force removal. You can severely damage the reproducer!!! Instead, remove the carriage from the phonograph. (Usually the carriage is held by a rod that can be removed easily.) Send the carriage with the reproducer in it so it can be removed correctly and the reproducer will be reshaped to fit the carriage correctly. USD $25.95 plus $6 for return shipping in USA. Send to: JOHN NAGY, Antique Phonograph Repairs, 8160 New Liberty Rd., Walcott, IA, 52773 USA. [If you need a new diamond stylus, see S-103; if the cord link is broken, see S-102.] ........FOR ALL SHIPPING outside USA: Email [email protected] before ordering for shipping cost.

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