How to Glue Cloth Material to the Back of a Grille

For this project, it will be beneficial to have an assistant. You can find grille cloth in our store.

  1. Clean the back of the grille, removing old cloth and any strips of wood that can be re-positioned afterward.
  2. The new cloth should be over-sized compared to the grille. Decide on the side of cloth you want showing. Lightly iron the cloth to remove all wrinkles. Be careful not to over-heat the iron!
  3. Place the grille over several sheets of newspaper to catch the glue overspray. Using commercial spray adhesive, spray a generous amount (not so much that it runs) directly to the back of the grille, avoiding the center area, if possible. Lift the grille and remove the paper; replace it with fresh paper and set the grille back down.
  4. With your assistant, if available, grab the corners of the cloth and, keeping the cloth tightly drawn (not slack), set the cloth on to the glued side of the grille. Once you set the cloth on the grille, you should not re-position it, so this step must be done with extreme care and precision. You can then press the cloth to the grille and very lightly pull (and press) the cloth away from the center to tighten it just a bit. Do this all the way around the grille before the glue dries. Continue pressing the cloth to the grill edge to assure good adhesion.
  5. After the glue dries (usually overnight), avoid touching the cloth and cut off the excess cloth with scissors or a razor blade. Replace any wood strips that may have been removed.
  6. If wrinkles form, the grille cloth can be tightened by using a a hair dryer set on high heat and low air speed. Don’t use steam. With a sweeping motion, blow hot air over the grille cloth from a distance of about six inches. This only takes a few seconds, so don’t overdo it! The wrinkles almost instantly disappear. This can be done again at later dates, especially in humid weather.

Overspray on the front face of the grille can be cleaned off gently with a clean cloth and xylol.