Taking Care of your Diamond Disc Reproducer

Repairs: Diamond Stylus Care

In the picture above, location 3 is where the diamond stylus is located. First and foremost: only Edison Diamond Disc records can be played with this reproducer. If the entire weight (2) does not easily move left/right, then the screw on top of the hinge block (1) must be loosened (difficult to do, but necessary) and lubricated with a drop of fine oil. It is very important NEVER to set the reproducer down so that the entire reproducer rests on the diamond stylus.  You can easily destroy the stylus this way, causing chips in the stylus, even though it is a diamond point. When inserting the reproducer into the knurled horn opening, have the lowering/raising lever turned down resulting in raising the reproducer off the turntable thus giving you more room to make this connection. When wanting to play an Edison Diamond Disc record (the record must be clean and with no curled edges):

  1. Lever must be turned down (raising the horn a bit) with the reproducer to the full right (neutral) position.
  2. Place the record on the turntable.
  3. Wind the spring motor, stopping when you feel more resistance than usual;
  4. Turn the motor “on” so that the turntable revolves at full speed (80 rpm for DDs);
  5. Only then, using your left hand, swing the reproducer to the playing position and hold it there;
  6. Only now – with the right hand – slowly raise the lever all the way, lowering the reproducer onto the record.  If all settings on the phonograph are correct, you should have a fine performance and a good listening experience.
  7. When the record is done, don’t wait for the automatic stop to be activated. While the record is still rotating, raise the reproducer by turning the raise lever knob all the way down so as not to scrape the needle across the grooves when swinging the reproducer all the way to the right (neutral) position. THEN turn the motor off.  With your finger, gently rub across (actually forward) the stylus to remove unwanted dust and dirt.

Repeat this sequence every time you play a record. Happy listening!