Restoring a Victor Exhibition Reproducer

Victor Exhibition Parts

Here is a view of all the parts that a Victor Exhibition reproducer has.

When overhauling such a reproducer, it is wise to replace the two white gaskets since the original ones are most likely stiff and cracked. If parts are needed, stock numbers are provided so you can look up and order through our store. Here are some shortcuts (they’ll open in a new tab or window so you don’t leave this page):

It is recommended that the mica diaphragm be examined for possible need of replacing it. If the original is still in good condition, cleaning both sides of the diaphragm with denatured alcohol is recommended while the reproducer is disassembled. The metal screws can be lightly scrubbed to remove built-up grime and grease. The back flange should be examined and replaced if necessary. The two flange screws can be lightly cleaned. Disassembly is pretty straightforward so I’ll show you how to reassemble when you’re ready to do so:

  1. Attach the needle bar loosely to the main body with the tiny tension springs.
  2. Insert the outer white gasket into the body.
  3. Insert the tiny diaphragm screw into the diaphragm and attach it to the needle bar (do not tighten).
  4. Insert the second white gasket.
  5. Check the diaphragm alignment in the body, then snug the tiny diaphragm screw.
  6. Attach the back of the body with the three screws, then snug them.
  7. Carefully snug the tiny tension springs so that the needle bar is firmly attached to the body.
  8. Adjust the tightness of the tension spring screws so that the diaphragm does not bulge inward nor outward.
  9. Rotate the nut on the tension spring screws to the end and turn the screw a quarter turn to snug the nut.
  10. Seal the needle bar/diaphragm connection with a tiny drop of wax (melted with heat) on both sides.
  11. Attach the back flange to the body with the inner pin being away from the needle end.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure or the availability of parts, please email John at [email protected].